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About the Owner and Where The Solar Industry is at

Having been in business for almost 20 years I’ve worked across multiple sectors including Retail & Distribution, Healthcare and Recruitment. I fell into Solar purely by accident back in 2020 and frankly have never looked back.

The landscape back then was very different with most work tending to be from people with existing systems looking to add battery storage or deal with some sort of remedial work. The only real motivation for a full panel installation was after people had installed a hot tub and got a shock having seen their first electricity bill! Even installations for EV chargers weren’t that frequent really until 2021.

2021 saw a marked change in clientele when the utility companies started to go bust, with many people concerned by just how much their energy bills would go up. This was of course compounded in 2022 with the huge price increases that now seem almost normal and then again with the outbreak of the War in Ukraine.

Having already established great relationships with the best installers and having gained a unique and broad-based insight into all of the different brands in the market we were uniquely placed to be able to effectively serve this huge increase in demand.

Whilst 2022 was extremely busy, the industry as a whole was bursting at the seams. Massive supply chain issues along with long delays from the power networks to approve the install made for some challenging times. All the while with equipment costs rising on an almost weekly basis.

Even with all of this, the huge price of energy made the installation and uptake of Solar almost a no brainer with some systems showing complete capital repayment in 5-6 years.

Late 2022 saw some significant stabilisation in the market and a welcome decrease in the price of the equipment so whilst 2023 looks set to be yet another year of turmoil with high energy prices, at least the supply of equipment is there and the cost of an installation slightly less.

This coupled with some of the newer tariffs such Octopus Agile which enable the more premium systems such as Solax and GivEnergy to essentially trade power with the grid based on the most favourable rates make Solar PV installations an ever more attractive investment.

The key principles for every installation nonetheless still remains the same.

The system which best represents the clients needs. So this is very important. Obviously, a competitive price is something which we all want in life, and it’s certainly something which we aim to achieve. And ultimately, all of that has to fall back on a hassle free, clean installation, which is where we really pride ourselves. We have some of the best installers in the business, and we are at the end of the telephone as needed to solve any problems and obviously to communicate everything during the course of the installation. If you want a low obligation chat, feel free to give us a call at the office. We’re always happy to help.


Daniel Roser

Owner at New Dawn Solar